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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Freemasonry & The Elements (Alchemy)

Here is a little of something I am working on.


Masonic Traveler said...

An interesting idea indeed. Is the path a downward spiral or an upward one though? This resembles an idea I've thought about in the point within the circle, not as a flat two dimensional circle, but a spiral or vortex that you create through time as you constantly readjust as your boundaries shift.

Good stuff brother.

Citizen Kane said...

I thought the same way , I figured the best way to illustrate the idea of approaching the “point within the center” was with the downward spiral, but in actuality, dealing with “self” it would have to be expansive. (Slowly disappearing into “light“). Good catch!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Master be on the center? Just a thought.

If you move the EA up a little you will have it in the NE and on the left looking east, the FC wll be on the right and in the SE (looking easst) and the Master will be on the center.